Welcome to governance, systems & the shaman

Beginning my second year of research as a PhD candidate at La Trobe University, I share this blog as a response to friends and family who want to know more about this project, and because I want to share some of the mind-blowing philosophy, science and social theory I engage and grapple with. In particular the application of systems thinking to organisational systems, and the implications of the quantum universe on those organisations and its participants, Integral theory and the work of French Philosophers, Foucault, Deleuze and Latour.

A PhD certainly resides in an academic realm and yet for me this endeavour is ultimately about making a difference to our everyday practice. The working title for my thesis is, New Governance for the Anthropocene: Dynamic and Regenerative. 

I welcome your feedback – especially  about concepts that resonate and make a difference to your thinking/acting. You are welcome to share this with anyone who you think would enjoy it!

Photo: Zac Strbac 2015

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  1. I love the idea of our thinking and action moving beyond sustainable to regenerative. Looking forward to hearing and reading more.


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