Sarah Houseman is a PhD candidate@La Trobe University exploring governance models, NGO leadership, paradigm shift, consciousness, integral ecology with a background as an educator and organisational leader. She is passionate about big picture, strategic, long-term thinking, and she loves the play and the tension between theoretical concepts and the action of living.

In the process of learning by application and reflection, Sarah and her partner, have built an energy efficient house, applied principles of permaculture and bio-dynamics in their gardening and experimented with aquaponics. Her career encompasses leadership as an entrepreneur in small to medium enterprises and a trans-national manufacturing company, and teaching in secondary schools, and in formal (universities) and informal contexts (community-based workshops).

Sarah is a member of the CERES Environmental Park Board (2016-). She is a Director of Glasshouse Creative Media http://www.glasshousecreativemedia.com 

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