Emerging Ecologies of Organisation – a conversation with Dr Ben Habib

In this episode of the Edge Dwellers Cafe Podcast, I talk about my PhD research into non-hierarchical organisations.¬†Ben and I discuss the many functional problems that arise in hierarchical organisations, from power relationships to functional organisational stupidity and leadership cults. We also explore non-hierarchy and decentralisation as alternative organisational structures, along with the challenges faced... Continue Reading →

Creative, Diverse and Restorative (part 1)

Preparing for the forthcoming Creative Research Methodologies Practicum¬†hosted by La Trobe University I am excited. There are a decent bunch of us from La Trobe, Melbourne University, the MIECAT Institute and RMIT University, coming together to share our creative methodologies in scholarship. I laugh to myself when someone outside Australia Tweets: 'Maybe something similar will... Continue Reading →

Book review: Reflections on becoming an Interdependent Organization

In my bubble I hear and see so many caring voices urging for systemic change: to mitigate the intensifying challenges of climate disruption, reverse biodiversity depletion, attend to the plight of human refugees and cease environmental/planetary destruction. While we speak, write and protest, the global industrial machine we have created, continues to grind away. Creating... Continue Reading →

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