Wild, strong and free

In thinking about my being as a Ph.D researcher, I having been playing with the archetype of the shaman, as a symbol of a liberated, embodied being, whose way of perceiving and living is centered in her wholeness. What might this being look and feel like?  How can this be integrated into the strongly cognitive way of knowing, so... Continue Reading →

21st century shaman

I am playing with the archetype of the shaman as a helpful turn towards perceiving wholeness of person and society. This is part of an exploration of ways of integrating and experiencing oneself an integral being, so relevant in the context of the Anthropocene, where western enlightenment values no longer serve as a philosophical guide to humanity’s... Continue Reading →

Why the Anthropocene?

Context: We are living with the increasing urgency to make a systemic shift in our globalised society so that we live/create within the ecosystem boundaries of our host - the Earth. We have been talking about this for over 20 years and the urgency is not dissolving. It is increasing and February's heat wave in Eastern Australia... Continue Reading →

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